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Yes Joanne, I understand that when I complete the order form on the next page I will receive:

Recordings of 5 complete Webinar Trainings on how to buy tax liens online, both the video recordings and the audio recordings of the webinars.

5 Complete sets of the slides used in the presentations - so that you can print them out and take notes.

Resources to help you each step of the way including:

  • Guide to Online Tax Lien Sales

  • Due Diligence Check List

  • Special Report - "7 Steps to Building Your Profitable Tax Lien Portfolio"

  • Plus Articles to help you in your investing

And Because I'm ordering today, I'm elegable for the additional offer of

Online Tax Deed Sales Course --
At Savings Of 50% -- 
Only $48
(Regular Price $97)

Online Tax Deed Sales has a similar format to Buying Tax Liens Online but it concentrates on buying deeds online instead of liens, with enphasis on how to do due diligence for tax deeds online. here's what some of my customers have to say.....

"I am truly impressed with your trainings.  I purchased a "package" off the internet and was unhappy with it.  It was one of those late night infomercials.  I searched the web after that and found you.  I knew the concept was sound but didn't want to be taken by some program. There was a time when I was making over $80K a year supporting my kids.  As soon as I lost my job, everything changed.  I have slowly gotten back on my feet and actually have $2000 in savings.  I couldn't afford to put that at risk purchasing a high priced program. I looked through your website and liked that you were real.  You weren't trying to sell me or con me.  Also, your products were reasonable.  I could afford to invest $100. I am going to be successful at this and it will be because of you."

- Donna Stefanick, New Jersey


"I was getting so frustrated and felt I had to be very cautious as I had no idea how to go about doing the due dilligence from across the Atlantic and felt I was going to have to travel all the time to do my due dilligence. Initially I looked at your website without paying the attention I needed. Then I thought I would check you out on YOU-TUBE and I liked what you were saying and I liked you and felt I could trust you and saw that you were very genuine and sincere. Then I decided to research your website and I saw all the online info and then the cherry on the cake was your info on Due Dilligence. Joanne, this has given me so much encouragement. The Webinars are so informing and enlightening and have helped me learn so much."

Thanks again to you and your Team,

- Leah Anderson, London


In fact, you can find out all about Online Tax Deed Sales Here

So it's up to you...

Yes! I want to take advantage of the $49 savings and add
Online Tax Deed Sales to my order for a total of only $345.

No thanks, I just need the Buying Tax Liens Online System Right Now!


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